Paralysis is defined as complete loss of strength in an affected limb or muscle group.

Paralysis is an alignment which really affects the whole life of a person. This problem affects a part of the body. The part where it affects is not active & whole life of person becomes depressive .


1) Monoplegia- Affecting only one limb

2) Diplegia- Affecting the some body region on both sides of the body

3) Hemiplegia- Affecting one side of the body

4) Paraplegia- Affecting both legs & the trunk

5) Quadriplegia- Affecting all four limbs & the trunk

Causes :-

Paralysis as caused due to the improper functioning of the central nervous system i.e the brain & the spinal cord,or due to the improper functioning of the peripheral nervous system i.e the nervous. The reasons why these nerve impairment might take place which lead to paralysis are :-

1) Stroke

2) Tumor

3) Trauma ( caused by a fall or a blow )

4) Multiple sclerosis ( A disease that destroys the protective sheaths covering nerve cells )

5) Cerebral palsy

6) Metabolic disorder

7) Damage to the spinal cord is most often caused by trauma such as a fall or a carcrash

8) Herniated disk ( Slipped disk )

9) Spondylosis

10) Rheumatoid arthritis of the spine

11) Neurodegenrative disease

12) Toxins or poisons


1) The persons can not feel when something touches him/her or own when someone else touches him/her.

2) The person can not feel heat or cold Numbness to weather as common

3) The person also does not feel pain in the affected part

4) An impairment of vesion is also seen

5) Loss of consciousness or confusion

6) Clumsiness

7) Serve headache

8) Difficulty breathing

9) Droling

10) Cognitive difficulties, difficulty writing or speaking

11) Changes in mood or behavior

12) Loss of bladder or bowel control

13) Loss nausea with or without vomitting

Trearment :-

The crucial line of treatment will be to bring back the motor & sensory functions of the brain.PFRT medicine boosts the blood supply. Natural antioxidants increase the oxygenation to brain & decreases Cell death.

For new patients of paralysis, the treatment with PFRT must be started as early as possible .The visible results can be experienced with in a short time period .Bed ridden patient become self independent .The old patient of paralysis can also become self independent after regular in take of PFRT medicine.