About Us

Welcome to Nirog Ayurvedic Centre

Ayur + Veda

Which literally means the science of life. It is an ancient medical science which was developed In India thousands of years ago.

Ayurvedic medicines successfully cureserious aliment like piles, jaundice, cancer etc.

They are a flow healing process but ensure a permanent relief from pain. This is so they focus on the root cause to cure affected area & other related body system.

Ayurvedic medicine helps to cure specific system of body by focusing on root cause of the problem which further helps maintain a healthy life in long run.

Ayurvedic medicine may be continued for longer period without any side effects.

Nirog Ayurvedic Centre (NAC) was established in 2007 in hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) till now NAC provide good & high quality facilities to our patients . At this center (NAC) you will find a treatment (purely ayuevedic ) of various disease.

Our experienced doctors & staff provide you with personalized care for a unique healing experience you will also feel confident knowing that we manufacture all of our medicine & oil and products at our very own NAC Pharmacy to ensure the highest levels of purity, efficacy & quality.

NAC का मुख्या उद्देश्य हिमाचल के साथ – साथ अन्य राज्यो के उन असंख्य रोगियों को जो जगह – जगह से इलाज करवाकर तथा लोगो के बेहकावे (बातों) मे आकर अपना विश्वास खो चुके है को स्वस्थ एवम आत्मनिर्भर बनाना है । इसी उदेश्य की प्राप्ति व् सामाजिक भलाई हैतु NAC यह ओषधि बहुत ही कम लागत पर रोगियों को उपलब्ध करवा रहा है । ताकि हर वर्ग के रोगी स्वस्थ होकर NAC का और अधिक प्रचार करे । NAC की विश्वसनीयता ही इसकी पहचान है व् प्रत्यक्ष को किसी प्रमाण की आवश्यकता नहीं होती ।